Nancys Knit Knacks Yarn Pet Duo for Knitters and Crocheters

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The Yarn Pet Duo is different than any other tool out there. It is perfect for color knitting or any technique that uses two balls of yarn.It holds two balls of your yarn on small circular platforms that is connected to our 8′ tall yarn guide rod. The platforms and balls turn freely without the need for ball bearings. The yarn ball turns so freely that you will never again have to tug your yarn to get it free of the ball.The tensioning post is easily adjusted but he user.The yarn guide allows the knitter to pull the yarn off the ball horizontally, which does not add or subtract twist from the yarn. If you want to streamline your knitting process by controlling your yarn balls and eliminating the needless tugging of your yarn from the ball, then consider the Yarn Pet. Where is it made? The wood for this product comes from Maine and Canada. Assembly labor is performed in North Carolina. Metal products come from Missouri.Notice: Balls wound at the mill and not by a standard ball winder from a skein, are referred to as mill balls or mill wound yarn. These are long balls and not the conventional cakes of yarn that a ball winder would make. These types of balls will not work on the Yarn Pet or Yarn Pet Duo.The reason that they do not work is that their ends have yarn which wraps around the rod too closely which catches on the rod. If you remove the wooden yarn guide post, it seems to work better but will then get caught up on the bottom of the metal rod. So at this time we do not recommend using these types of yarn balls with our Pet line.



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