Techtongda Aluminum Screen Printing Frame Multi-Sizes Silk Screen Frame

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013 arbitrarily assembling multi-functional self-tensioning screen frame is our company’s newest invention, which could substitute the traditional screen frame and also the screen stretcher.   Only with one set of the special stretching clamps, then it could be used to stretch frames with any sizes; Once stretching process has been finished, remove the stretching clamps, there will be no difference with the traditional frames while using.   The frame edgings are made of special-made aluminum alloy material, its sizes is 1.18”*0.98” (30mm*25mm); Special structural design with higher intensity than the traditional frames materials; Much suitable for screen printing with its light weight – it only about 1.6Lb (0.72kg)/meter, that is if you select a 16”x20” (40x50xm) frame, it’s only about 3.3Lb (1.5kg), which is extremely suitable for screen printing process.Advantages   ● Substitute of the screen stretcher: It could be directly used to stretch the screen frame but needn’t to coat screen frame adhesive; ● Arbitrary Combination: Frames with any sizes could be combined according your needs; ● Reusing: The screen mesh could be installed onto the frame for repeated use; ● Simple & Quick Operation: Once familiar with its operations, it only takes 10-15 minutes to make a new screen; ● Comparable with the traditional frame: The stretched screen frame could be used as the traditional screen frame for emulsion coating, exposure, printing, etc.



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